Are you thinking about hiring a Direct Marketing Consultant?

One of the most famous retailers/direct marketers of all time—John Wanamaker—reportedly once said:

“I know that half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half.”

Direct Marketing is Measurable

Do you ever wish you could distinguish good marketing dollars from bad?

If you could…, you’d most certainly redirect funds from what’s not working to what works – conceivably doubling the effectiveness of your marketing budget…, as well as significantly impacting sales and profitability.

A Direct Marketing Consultant can help you achieve your goals

MeasurableGoals 300x176 Why Hire a Direct Marketing Consultant

What are your goals?

My professional background as a Direct Marketing Consultant includes a track record of cost-effective marketing management and implementation – and a reputation for exerting leadership, delivering value, and being a versatile team player.

LEADERSHIP: Increase your ROI – by measuring results and prioritizing allocation of marketing dollars towards projects that achieve higher returns.

VALUE: Boost your revenues and your profitability – using tried-and-true direct marketing techniques to find, keep, & grow customers.

VERSATILITY: Save time and money – with tactical creative and technical skills to manage projects on-time and on-budget. Some of my achievements include:

  • Double-digit growth: circulation management programs led to successive years of solid double-digit growth and record profitability.
  • Fast payback : search engine optimization program accelerated new customer acquisition efforts and paid for project in several months.
  • Breakthrough results: used market research to create programs/sell sponsorships that raised more money that anyone in the history of a local association.

A Freelance Direct Marketing Consultant

I have been a Direct Marketing Consultant for over ten years now—seeing trends in what’s working in the Mail, on the Telephone, and on the Internet—and I love my work because the focus is on producing and measuring results…, on creating value.

When you’re able to use response analysis/information regarding return-on-investments—and coordinate the budgetary process with the costs associated with attaining your strategic objectives—that’s when marketing is transformed into your most powerful tool.

If you would like to hire a direct marketing consultant please contact me today.

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