Quite simply — the best ones.

The thing I enjoy the most about being a consultant is that I get to help my clients solve problems.

Very often I’m asked to research solutions, and make recommendations on the best solution. And then sometimes, either I–or one or several of my colleagues–implement the solution.

As a result of working with many small businesses for the past 4 years, I’ve evaluated all kinds of different software, applications, websites, etc.–to choose the right ones for my clients’s needs. And that’s something to blog about.

The Best Software and the Best Apps

From specifications and features lists to cool videos with the latest in marketing productivity software, I’m going to help you discover the latest and greatest marketing software and applications — to help you improve your productivity, make your life easier, and help you improve the ROI on your marketing.

Bottom Line: You’ll get my legitimate  opinions on the best marketing and productivity software and applications in the marketing marketplace for small to medium sized businesses.

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