How and Why to Create a Gravatar

linux How and Why to Create a Gravatar

A ‘Gravatar’ is a ‘Globally Recognized Avatar’.

An avatar is an icon or a little picture you see next to comments in a website, and is used to or distinguish yourself from others. In other words, a Gravatar is an Avatar you can take with you. Created by Tom Werner, and available at, gravatars make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web.

Why is this important?

One of the factors in achieving higher search engine rankings for your website is what’s referred to as “off-page optimization,” which is determined to a large part by how many influential websites with a high page rank link back to your website.

By posting comments in forums or influential websites, which have a form with your name, email, web address, and comments, enable you to create a link back to yourself, which is a factor that can help increase your search engine visibility.

That’s why it’s in your best interest, when you read an article or a blog post that interests you, to add your two cents. You acknowledge the person who wrote the article, and also if you distinguish yourself with your comment, others might see it and follow up with you for more information.

How to Create a Gravatar

To get your own Gravatar, go to, and:

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Activate the account (by clicking on the activation link in the email they send you)
  3. Upload a picture ( your picture or a logo or some other image you like)

That’s it! Now whenever you post a comment, or chat in a forum that uses Gravatars, people will be able to associate a face (or a logo) with your name.

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