Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers

Have you looked at all the great Social Media CRM Tools lately?

As marketing folks, we certainly have our work cut out for us — especially in the brave new world of social media, where it’s important to build a social media persona, and manage it so that it attracts the types of customers you’re looking for.

Every small business owner now has, or should have: (1) a LinkedIn account (2) a Facebook Page (3) a Twitter Account, (4) a Google +1 Account — and many of the smaller retailers have Yelp and Foursquare accounts.  How are you supposed to manage all these accounts in an organized manner? It can be overwhelming!

Yet manage we must

As a Marketing Manager, I’m ultimately graded (and paid) based upon the quantity and quality of qualified leads and sales that I generate through the websites, blog posts, and email blasts I manage.  My success (or failure) in using Social Media effectively is about  (1) connecting (2) listening (3) engaging, and (4) turning social connections into customers.

Enter Social Media CRMs

Social CRMs adds a layer of social communication to your customer management, so you can build better relationships with your contacts in real time via social channels.  And that’s why I’ve created a quick list of the the top Social Media CRMs:

Quick List of Six Awesome Social Media CRM Tools:

batchbook logo 400 300x168 Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New CustomersBatch Book Batchbook is a social CRM for small businesses which helps you build meaningful relationships with your best customers. It’s a cloud-based CRM so every team member can use it, from anywhere, on any device. You can use it to give your memory an edge by keepinga communication history, and keep track of every important detail with custom fields.  30 Day Free Trial. $20.00/month with unlimited users and 2,000 contacts. 

logo small bk f505851ec489082e59ac7eb836c8a6ec Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New CustomersContactually

Contactually automatically manages your contacts and strengthens your relationships by prompting you to take meaningful action. It’s the perfect tool to help you stay relevant and top-of-mind in order to gain referrals and drive repeat business. It’s designed to help you generate more business opportunities from your network by: (1) Tracking your weekly progress to see how many follow-ups you’ve completed and allows you to customize your own follow-up goals to drive your business forward, (2) Showing you who you’ve been in touch with most over the course of the week and how many times you’ve reached out, and (3) Showing you who’s important to your business at that time.Intelligently prompts you to follow up with your important contacts so you stay top of mind and can generate more referral opportunities. 30 Day Free Trial, and the Small Business Account is just $39.95 per user. 

hero illus cloud Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New CustomersMingly - Mingly makes it easy to sort through the noise of social networks and connect with the people you care about. Living right in your Gmail, Mingly (1) Aggregates your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into a searchable merged address book (2) Pulls key updates from your networks, like birthdays and job changes, into a single feed (3) Makes it easy to send social-network messages without leaving your inbox (4) Helps you keep track of conversations with contacts across your different networks. Free Trial Account available. The Unlimited Account is only $9.95/month, and offers you Unlimited Top Contacts, Unlimited Keep In Touch Reminders, Unlimited Favorite Contacts, and a Custom Signature.

newsle topbar logo large@2x Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New CustomersNewsle -  Newsle is a new service that tracks people in the news. Newsle finds articles about you, your friends and colleagues, and alerts you minutes or hours after they’re published. With Newsle, you’ll be the first to know when a Facebook, LinkedIn, or email contact makes the news or gets mentioned in a blog post. Setup is completely automated, and — It’s Free!

download 300x94 Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers

Rapportive - Rapportive helps you get rich contact profiles right inside Gmail. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. You can immediately see what people look like, where they’re based, and what they do. You can establish rapport by mentioning shared interests. You can grow your network by connecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. And you can record thoughts for later by leaving notes. Best of all – It’s Free!

sprout Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New CustomersSprout Social - is very simple, clean, and easy-to-use, and has toolsets perhaps better suited for the small, retail business or marketing agency.

Dashboard: They’ve put all the information that matters in one, simple interface, with all the information you need to measure success and know exactly where to spend your time. Brand Monitoring & Research: If there’s a conversation about your business anywhere on the web, whether it be tweets, reviews, blog posts, news…, it’ll show up in your inbox. Also, you can research users based on their Twitter profile to find targeted prospective customers and influencers based on criteria you define. Contact Management: You can manage all of your social media connections in one place, complete with history, notes, and more. 30 Day Free Trial. $39.95/month to manage up to 10 profiles.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Each of these Social Media CRM tools offer a layer of social communication to your customer management, so you can build better relationships with your contacts in real time via social channels.

Your turn!

This wasn’t intended to be a comprehensive list, and I apologize if I missed one. What tools do you use to manage your Social Media, if any? What’s your favorite Social CRM?

facebook Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers0linkedin Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers2twitter Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers2google Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers0email Six Social Media CRM Tools To Win New Customers
  • Koka Sexton

    This is a good list of online Social CRM applications. I think that there is also a large number of application that can integrate with a mainstream CRM like SalesForce or NetSuite that can provide some value also. The Social CRM space is a growing interest for many organizations especially for sales people that are having to adust to the new buying process of Customer 2.0. Thanks for the post.

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  • Les Proctor

    Thanks Koka. You’re right. I left out some plugins like Rapportive, Rainmaker, Onesource… Rapportive is a plugin that ties in with Gmail/Google Apps. I think Social CRM is going to be really important because it’ll help companies organize their engagement strategy more effectively… like you said to adjust to the way folks are buying these days.

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  • Jessica

    Great post- I am currently looking for a CRM that incorporates communication (social and private) as well as supports all of my customer billing. Les would you have the chance to shed a little light on the subject and let me pick your brain?

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  • Les Proctor

    Thanks Jessica! Maybe one of these and Freshbooks?

  • Daniel Torres

    Thanks for the post!

    Im currently looking for both a CRM/ Social Media System tool which can be customized as much as possible, multi language and international support, and with different brands/products. Can you please let me know if you have a list of recommendations? Thanks!

  • Les Proctor

    Hi Daniel

    You’re probably looking at an Enterprise-level Social CRM. That’s a whole different animal. You might try SalesLoft.

    Have a great day!