I’ll spare you the usual marketing pitch…

lpd291x291 Are you looking for results?My name is Les Proctor, and I help small business owners increase their leads and sales using a unique blend of good ideas, straightforward and honest marketing, and old-fashioned customer service.

My blog is dedicated to the guy in the corner office. No-one know the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get there. And no-one knows or cares the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to stay. It can be lonely at the top. The guy in the corner office is the one who told me to speak to him in language he could understand: “Talk to me like I’m an eighth grader,” he’d say. He was the one who taught me to: “Never come bearing problems, only solutions, preferably three of them — with your recommendation on which one is best,” he’d add. “That’s why I hired you. To make my life easier.”

The guy in the corner office is the one with the authority to write the checks. He’s the one who’s ultimately responsible for steering the ship of company, the one responsible for the P&L, and the one who holds the livelihood of all his employees (and all his stakeholders) in his hands.

In 2005, it was the guy in the corner office who fired me from my last “real” job. And it was the guy in the corner office who hired me as a consultant.

In that one first engagement, I built a search engine optimized website that helped his company land an engagement worth more than a hundred thousand dollars in business. It was fun. I became a rock star. Times have changed. The techniques that worked then don’t work today. Paradoxically, it’s more “complicated” to make things more simple. Which makes it more of a challenge to understand and navigate. It is my intention, through my blogging to “uncomplicate”, and to give the guy in the corner office information he can use to do his job better.

Since 2005, I’ve worked on my own marketing & consulting practice, with all the fits and starts of any new business enterprise. During that time, I’ve built hundreds of websites, mostly using WordPress, many of which are hosted on my account with Rackspace, which is known for its ‘fanatical service’. Today, I build websites almost exclusively using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. My e-Commerce + Marketing platform of choice is Woocommerce integrated with Infusionsoft. 

If you are looking for help with your website or your web marketing, I’ve got a current opening for one new client, and a couple of small projects per month. My desire and my intention in all my work is to help the guy (or gal) in the corner office to package and promote themselves, and their organizations, in a down-to-earth and straightforward way to attract more new customers, and increase their leads and sales. 

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