A Great CMS for Small Business Websites

get simple A Great CMS for Small Business WebsitesAre you looking for a CMS for Small Business?

GetSimple CMS one of the latest in a lineup of simple web content management systems that underscore the trend toward leaner, simpler websites.

Yellow pages aren’t working like they used to. Traditional advertising isn’t working like it used to. What’s a small business owner supposed to do?

As IT & marketing budgets continue to get squeezed, small businesses are looking for easier and cheaper ways to (1) create a website (2) manage their content, and (3) use Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build their own channel with their customers and prospects.

GetSimple is a great CMS for Small Business

GetSimple has everything a small business owners needs, and nothing a CMS doesn’t.

While it’s unlikely that a large multinational is going to use a simple CMS system like GetSimple, it’s perfect for a small business owner who needs an online presence. Most small business owners need a small 1 to 10 page brochure site that will help them achieve search engine visibilty… they need a simple web presence — that’s it.

Here are some of the features:

  • XML Based ~ Getsimple doesn’t use mySQL to store information, but instead depend the simplicity of XML (extensible markup language). By utilizing XML, it removes a layer that causes slowness and complexity.
  • You can “Undo” Almost Everything ~ This feature was based off an eye-opening AListApart article explaining how warning messages never work as planned. Because of this, they’ve included “undo” into almost every action you can take on the site.
  • Easy to Learn ~ The top priority when designing a user-interface for a small business is to make the best in it’s class. GetSimple tried and tested all the competing management systems, took the best practices out of each one – then refined it.
  • Simple Theme Customization ~ It’s very easy to create a custom theme and make it your own look. The base software is extensible, meaning you can add just the functionality you want: for example a photo gallery, or a new manager (or blog), or a google map.
  • It’s Perfect for Small Business ~ For most small businesses, the only need is to be able to easily update their site from time to time — to create seasonal offers, ur update a list of services. GetSimple alllows them o do it efficiently and effectively.

If you have any questions about CMS for Small Business, or you’re looking for a resource to help you build a website or increase your online visibility, please contact me today.

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