18-Minutes Per Day To Improved Productivity

Is productivity important to you?

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The 18-Minute Plan

It is to me. Ultimately, I’m paid to produce. So one of my favorite Mind-mapping tools that helps me save time by organizing my thoughts is X-mind. And after you see this, I think you’ll understand why… but first: One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Peter Bregman, who writes for Harvard Business Review. One of the best posts he’s ever produced is “An 18-minute Plan for Managing your Day“. It’s a great post, but it was really asking for visual representation… for someone to “draw a picture” so to speak. And along came Steve French from Infomatix, whose work I have become familiar with through the X-mind Community, who has put together a great little mindmap that illustrates Peter’s blog. It’s so good I have to share it.

The 18 Minute Plan to Improve Your Productivity

How you use your time is a strategic decision

The most important thing in regards to managing my time and staying productive is to mindfully set my objectives, and then visualize achieving them. By doing this at the beginning of each day, I find it much easier to avoid doing the things that waste my time. I’m much more productive if I’m mindful about my work. I hope you enjoy this mindmap and are able to put it to good use! Many thanks to Peter Bregman, and Steve French, and the folks at X-mind. If you like this post about how to improve your productivity let me know!

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