12 Marketing Ideas to Grow Sales

Looking for some marketing ideas to grow sales?

insanity 300x217 12 Marketing Ideas to Grow SalesYou know the definition of insanity, right? “Doing the same old thing and expecting different results.”

So why do so many companies keep doing the same old thing, and expect anything different? It’s insanity.

If you’d like to break out of the same old routine, and produce some real results you need to try something new.

Here are 12 great marketing ideas to grow sales you can try in the coming months to achieve better results.

12 Marketing Ideas to Grow Sales

  1. Update your strategic positioning so you really stand out from the competition
  2. Create a new offer, like a payment plan, to make your services more affordable
  3. Simplify your website to make it easier for customer and prospects to do business with you
  4. Do an SEO Makeover to achieve a #1 ranking so prospective customers and buyers can find you on the web
  5. Get other websites to link back to you using Off-page optimization to boost your search engine rankings and your website traffic
  6. Start a Business Blog to establish thought leadership and niche dominance
  7. Implement a Social Media Marketing Program to share your ideas with your followers
  8. Create a Pay-per Click Program to augment the leads you’re getting from other sources
  9. Test Landing Pages (Landing page optimization) to maximize the results from your Pay-per-click budget (you can do a lot with $200/month)
  10. Create an Affiliate Marketing program to get others to identify opportunities and generate leads for you
  11. Implement a Marketing Automation System with powerful marketing automation sequences to educate the prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet and convert them into ready buyers who want to do business with you
  12. Accept Credit Cards online with Automated Recurring Billing to reduce time spent on invoicing and collecting payments from customers

How many of these marketing ideas to grow sales that you have you already implemented? Are there any other marketing ideas to grow sales you’d add to this list? What are you doing to ramp up your marketing activities?

The most successful companies are continually trying new ideas to achieve better and better results. That’s the only way that you can hope to improve.

Oh, if you’d like someone to help you implement these Marketing Ideas to Grow Sales, please contact me.

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